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It’s You

Who are you? Why are you here? You probably don’t know me, don’t know me anymore. I have a few things to tell you. I hope you don’t worry. Have you been able to study well? Does anyone else do that? That’s only for the smart! For you, all teachers who hate you are demons.

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The Naughty Boy

How is my mother? Maybe, you will think that I am a very bad child. If anything, I can’t blame you if that’s how you know me. Maybe I was a very bad boy. Don’t find out why… I’ll tell you too. What the hell happened to me? The first blame always goes to my

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What Young Writers Learn

Someone say there is no shortcut to success. Yes, they are right. There have been so many times that I have been jealous of Wattpad writers who have millions of reads and thousands of votes. I’m even bitter because I was never noticed on Wattpad. But I thought, their stories have been written for a

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Teenagers Be Like

When it says internet generation, it only refers to one. Young people who have become aware of the internet age, young people who wake up in the morning are immediately faced with gadgets. Or those childish people who are fighting each other on the internet, arguing and ruining life with life. Sometimes, you want to

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