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Teenagers Be Like

When it says internet generation, it only refers to one. Young people who have become aware of the internet age, young people who wake up in the morning are immediately faced with gadgets. Or those childish people who are fighting each other on the internet, arguing and ruining life with life.

Sometimes, you want to ask if they have any sense left in their body. Do they still use their minds? Or maybe it’s been spent staying up late because of using the internet?

You get a face palm and say, “What’s going on with the youth?”

A lot of “crap” from the youth will greet you when you come to the internet, just on Facebook. When you go to Twitter, the warring fans of this vs fans of this will appear, the ones who take hundreds of selfies in every corner of the house every day, the diehard fans who are “against the world ” the drama when the parents do not allow their idol’s event. There are also twelve-year-olds who post about their boyfriends. Rude people will not disappear from Facebook. I know I shouldn’t care about their drama but I care about what they are doing. They seem to have lost their way too much.

I asked, how is the youth?

(Yes, I know you’re thinking of me as corny.)

The media is a mess. This is deafening for a young person. Teenage years, that’s when you find out who you are, what you really are in this world and what you will do in life. But with the noise made by the media, from tv: O.A. telenovelas, scripted reality shows and internet crap… How can young people find themselves in this day and age? Include the friends who feel cool but are doing the wrong thing in life.

(Gosh, it knows a lot. Admit it, you just said that?)

Friend, listen, just a moment.

I know that the feeling of “belongingness” is important in what we live. But I’m sad that with so much media noise, this “belongingness” is obtained by following the trend even if the trend is not right. For example, the war of someone you don’t know just because he said bad things about Daniel Padilla. Other young people dwell too much on this type of “belongingness” even though they are losing their morals. Following trends: dressing flirtatiously, cursing, partying too much and most of all, indulging in love. What is wrong with their parents that they can’t see what their children are doing? What is wrong with the society we live in? What exactly?

I do not know. They don’t know either, they can’t identify with the amount of people who can be blamed.

But bottom line, for your teenager: YOU ARE GROWING UP.

You are no longer three years old who need to be told that this is wrong and that is wrong. Needless to say you shouldn’t do this or do that. I notice that there are many young people who know that it is wrong, but they still do it. I know it’s delicious, because when has taboo not been delicious? But, while it’s still early, stay away. Stop it and GET FIXED.

Don’t waste the time spent by parents to educate you. You are not paid to flirt.

True love? True love my ass. You’re young, study first. Don’t give your life to that one person. He’s not just your world.

Don’t waste the words you know to destroy others. Use the brain for proper use of tongues. You were not taught to speak to destroy, fight and belittle other people. Good words to make others happy is what is expected from that. It’s not just the status of “Daniel Padilla is really handsome!”.

Study. (I’m really corny, what?”) Because, people don’t live by taking selfies. Man lives because he moves, he works.

Don’t waste the opportunity to have a good future if it is within your reach. ‘The others, you guys, you study while you work, while you stay up just to go on Facebook. Gobble it up at home, no school yet. Shame!

Every peso you spend is earned by your parents. Respect, dude.

And above all, don’t waste your life doing useless things in the world. Time flies fast. Life is too fast. Maybe later you will grow old without realizing it, maybe the things that are important to you will suddenly disappear. Thats true! Tried and tested. Ask people who want to go back to their lives because they made a mistake. ‘People who repent because they used to be like this. I’m sure you don’t want to be like their story.

But, I didn’t say to act like an angel in wisdom. You can enjoy your youth in a proper way, without hurting your parents, relatives and friends. The only formula for a peaceful life is to think properly and soberly. Think before you act, that’s what they say.

Your mother doesn’t cry just because of your antics. Rizal was not joking when he said you are the hope of the people. God resurrecting you in this world is not a joke either. You are useful and you have many reasons to be sober.

I hope you learned something from my blog post.