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Son of his Father

When Tona agreed with Doro, she didn’t think that would be their last meeting. An elegant and young boy, Doro who had just been introduced to their town had already attracted the girl. Why is it that Doro is tall and has strong arms, so in the hearts of young women, intense desire grows every […]

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Being A Novice Writer

Right. The title came before the content. What should come first? Title or the content? I’m always puzzled by questions like that. Did I do a good job or was it just a waste? I’m one of the novices, newbies, rookies or whatever you can term it in the world of “serious” (ahem) blogging. I

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Small But Terrible

What is your height Are you too small? What does it feel like to be small? Annoying? Is it annoying? Trippy? Silly? Is it fun? When you’re little, you’re a hotbed of teasing. You have many nicknames, the most famous one is stunted and short. “Short!” “Because you’re tall!” At first those taunts were annoying,

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Bitter’s Post

Am I bitter? Do not know. I’m still young. I don’t want to think about love. Why is that? Is it a big issue that I am bitter now? Is it a big issue that I am close now when it comes to flirting with men (sorry for the slang term). If you can talk,

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Why am I dreaming? Of course they will respond with the normal “You must be human!” I have many dreams and one of them is to become a GREAT doctor. It’s not just a doctor, I want someone who can be trusted, with quality equipment. Of course, I will spend ten years just to reach

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One Morning, In A Jeepney

It was another typical morning. I walked there in the jeep. He’s not really a ride, people just wait there for their cars going to work or school. Not all those waiting are students or employees. Someone else must be just going somewhere. I am glad to see the gathering of people in uniform. There

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The Formula To Pass

“I hope I pass.” The students are saying it over and over again. Me too, especially when I know that I’m a bit biased from the marks. Someone once told me that you should remove the “hopefully” because then you’re just taking a chance. You should be saying “I will pass!”. I was happy when

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