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Some Tips For College Entrance Exam Takers

I just finished the UPCAT last August 4 and 5. It was earlier than last year because I was older and I took it on August 6. I know I’m posting this a little late but for the sake of incoming college students or simply high school seniors today, this is for you.

First of all, don’t be pressured. The entrance exams will start with the UPCAT and then one after the other. The 1st batch of UST will be next, then ACET will happen around September (I don’t know this year), La Salle (always take note of the deadline, I don’t know anymore). That’s it, take note of the deadlines of the application forms. The UST, there are three batches of exams – first in August, next in October and last in December. It’s up to you which batch you want. Others said that the last batch is a hassle because that’s where all the takers will pour. When you take the exam in August, it’s a bit stressful because you just finished the UPCAT and you’ll be competing right away, but I was able to do it last year. Besides, there are so many schools in the Philippines, you just have to choose where to take the entrance exam. Just find out the entrance exam schedules of the schools you are interested in.

Different schools ask for different requirements. Just bear with it so don’t complain. That’s right, there’s a lot of process to go through but it’s worth it when you get your permit. Take note of each and every requirement. It’s hard for you to pass and then it’s not enough, maybe you’ll just have fun. It is also better if you pass early because those who pass early are processed more easily than those who pass close to the deadline. When the entrance exam is proper, of course don’t be late. It’s hard to be late, I’m telling you.

Of course wear your most comfortable clothes so you can take properly. You are not going to a fashion show. Also take note of the instructions given to you on whether to bring a ballpoint pen, what number. a pencil to use and the like.

Also study of course. Yes, it’s easy to say that he can have stock knowledge, but it’s still different that you have additional knowledge. Besides, if you studied, whether or not the things you studied came out, when God knows that you made an effort… there is a chance that He will pass you.

Make sure you sleep well before the exam. It is easier to concentrate on any exam when sleep is complete (proven true and tested).

Regarding the number of admissions, I was told before that I was admitted to six schools but I only took the entrance exam at four. Also, make sure you have a back-up because if you fail a school, it’s hard. Besides, it is better if you choose your course and school. Remember that you are the student, not your mother, not your father and not your friend.

Tomorrow you are the replacement of your future decisions.

Finally, ask for His guidance. He will not let you down and forsake you. Promise!

So good luck and may God bless you! Remember, whether or not you pass your desired college or university… God will not abandon you. God will always provide so don’t worry too much