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One Morning, In A Jeepney

It was another typical morning. I walked there in the jeep. He’s not really a ride, people just wait there for their cars going to work or school.

Not all those waiting are students or employees. Someone else must be just going somewhere. I am glad to see the gathering of people in uniform. There are high schools, there are children with parents, and there are college students. It is also interesting to observe the different colors, different designs and styles of their clothing. It’s like a school fashion show in the Philippines in my eyes.

Of course I won’t be arrested, because my uniform is also nice. They will take the buses going to Manila, I will take the jeep going to Baclaran. Everyone was waiting for the oncoming cars. There are so many of us Caviteños who depend on Manila for life. They are workers and employees, me as a student. I’m really weird, but I’m fascinated by people who crowd the bus even when it’s full. They will do everything, just don’t be late for work or school. I salute those people. It’s interesting because many Filipinos know how to wake up early for school and their jobs.

And here it is, I caught a jeep going to Baclaran after repeatedly whispering to myself “Come here, Baclaran beybeh” while waiting for the jeep. You will strategize how not to fall over when the jeep pulls forward and you are not even seated. Sometimes I buried my stupidity, I even bumped into the entrance of the jeep, the handle on the inside doubled over (go ahead, laugh freely). I still have a backpack hanging from me, wow exciting. Exciting trip in the hallway of the jeep before finally sitting down. It will gradually be filled with different types of people. Some look sophisticated, some look like nothing, some look normal, some look like people, some pogi, some are beautiful and some are cute like me.

I’m going to look for something to pay in my pouch, the fare is already there. Even when you get the fare, you will see the people who have a good outlook on life, the others who you thought were struck by lightning and thunder and are frowning… Sometimes they will look at you from head to toe as if you were the same person. I? I always smile (but only to select people, it’s hard to look stupid), because I believe that it’s contagious and elevates the mood when you smile.

People, it’s interesting… There are people who will look at you straight and seem to recognize you well by your uniform. Something else is friendly… I will open my iPod touch from the pouch that is attached to me, slowly and I will not take it out completely (I’m afraid of being robbed). Like me, there are those who are on a sound trip, there are those who are asleep, there are those who are conscious and looking everywhere. When the payment portion is over, I enjoy looking at the outside of the jeep. I’m really weird but I’m in awe of the public school students I see walking every day. They were at school before six o’clock, it was hard to get up that early. The jeep will travel on a road full of the truth of life.

I see beggars sleeping and sheltering in a closed establishment, there are piles of garbage, there are reprimands jaywalking and when it rains, floods… Philippines after all..

Apart from the ugly, I see more of the beautiful. Because I’m an optimistic person, I enjoy looking at the buildings that I pass by even though I see them every day. When the surroundings are boring and the Coastal Road is full of grass, I will take a nap there. I’m going to hug the backpack tightly because I might let go when I lose consciousness. I’m also alert because I might drool on the jeep, it’s embarrassing.

After a nap, I wake up automatically when I’m near the Coastal Mall. My body is really good, I always wake up right there. I even leaned (unintentionally) on a handsome man once. I am very happy. I have an appetizer in the morning… I did PBB teens early in the morning. But until then, I know how to be shy and respect myself. The jeep joyride is almost over. I can feel the wind blowing my long hair. I feel like I’m beautiful (it’s true, haha). The people in the jeep are running out and when I get off, I gather my courage. Another car and I’m at school, it’s another fun day. Day to learn and enjoy everything in life.