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Small But Terrible

What is your height Are you too small?

What does it feel like to be small? Annoying? Is it annoying? Trippy? Silly?

Is it fun?

When you’re little, you’re a hotbed of teasing. You have many nicknames, the most famous one is stunted and short.


“Because you’re tall!”

At first those taunts were annoying, but soon I got used to it. Instead of cringing, I’m even happy and I ride when they tease me.

It’s fun to be small. You know why? It’s easy to call you cute when you’re little. Trust me, even if your face looks like it was blown up by a volcano, when your height is cute, you are considered cute.

When you’re small, you don’t have a problem with tree branches that bump. When you’re walking in a different place with something bumpy, you walk normally, but those with you, don’t bend over.

You don’t have to bend over the jeep when riding.

It’s just that you can’t reach the handle on the bus or MRT/LRT. Heels are required (for girls). Just be patient while standing.

I also tried Cherifer before, but the effect on me was short-lived. I prefer to naturally grow (even if nothing really happens).

When you are small people feel like being protective of you, why? You are small. Isn’t it good? You have a lot of friends willing to protect you ^_^

Many people are friendlier with the little ones. I don’t know why, but a famous little one also said this, Carlos P. Romulo.

When you are small, you are also looked at as small. Maybe it’s negative, but for me I take it positively. How?

Prove them wrong. Prove them that they shouldn’t look down on you. When you do something different, their admiration is guaranteed.

Being small gets attention easily. When you speak in front of a big audience, the first impression is that you will be underestimated because of your height. That’s okay, if you do it well and they listen, they will surely applaud. You impressed them, even though you are small.

Some people don’t even take small people seriously. Some people laugh at my height.

If you are a woman and small, don’t have a boyfriend who is too tall.

You two won’t look like lovers when you walk, you two old brothers. (just kidding, peace)

Besides, when you fight, you might not be able to reach his face to his height, you won’t be able to slap him.

Does height matter in your future profession? What about your success?

It’s natural for Filipinos to be small. (Hey I’m Filipino! I’m proud!)

The traits of Filipinos are mixed, so many are tall, but height is not an obstacle, right?

Jose Rizal is said to be 4’11 in height. Carlos P. Romulo is 4’10, the first Asian to become the Chairman of the United Nations. I am 4’8. I just have nothing to share.

I think that being small is not an obstacle to your dreams in life (let alone modeling). That is my strongest belief. Rizal became a national hero, right? It’s me, we’re almost close in height (sorry to assume).

What is the point of this blog? Little ones start a rally? It’s not like that. My point here is that we should be satisfied with the things that have been given to us. Maybe there are people who are born beautiful and tall unlike us, but that doesn’t mean that we will bury ourselves in envy for the rest of our lives.

At first, I really wanted to grow taller. But later I was happy with what I had and that was the height of 4’8. I don’t know but I’m really happy. Maybe because I’m satisfied with my appearance even though I’m small and fat. That’s where everything starts.

Accept who you are and what you look like. When you receive it, think of yourself as the most beautiful/handsome face on Earth (just think, don’t assume).

Think of positive thoughts to reflect on the face and the skin. You are one of the best human beings God created. You are an extraordinary creature. You have talents, you have endless capabilities.

After internalizing and realizing how beautiful you are, that’s the time to make a move. Do your stuff. Do the reason why you were born, regardless of your appearance.

That’s why I took my chance to write this, even though I’m small.