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Bitter’s Post

Am I bitter? Do not know. I’m still young. I don’t want to think about love.

Why is that? Is it a big issue that I am bitter now? Is it a big issue that I am close now when it comes to flirting with men (sorry for the slang term). If you can talk, who do you think is beautiful, haha. It’s funny because one day, my friend asked me on Twitter what would be a good present for her and her bf’s anniversary. Even though I laughed at my answer that “I don’t know, I didn’t make it to the anniversary. haha ​​bitter” I know to myself that I am bitter. Yes, bitter. Bitter. Bitter.

So what if it’s bitter? They said those who are bitter, haven’t moved on yet. Haven’t I moved on yet? So what should I try to move on to stop being bitter? I have been single for 1 year and 7 months (counted?). What if I can’t move on yet? Is that embarrassing? Will my honor be diminished? Do you like my love life like coke? Zero. Haha. I haven’t had PBB teens for a long time. It’s crushing, but nothing, it doesn’t last long either. Others say that crushes are an inspiration, so why don’t I have shoes that look like crushes, but my grades are still good. Well, I’m happy with myself. It’s not bad to not have a love life, right? Why is that? Angle of the earth.

It is said that when there is a boyfriend or girlfriend, the parents did not give enough attention. Whoever said this, he is partly right, partly wrong. We are all looking for attention and care, it just happens that the family doesn’t give it in full because they are busy. What’s happening is looking for the nose. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend lacks attention to their parents, especially to young people. It just happened to be lucky, someone flirted, someone responded and boom!

I miss the feeling of being blown good morning every morning, but you die of excitement. You also miss having someone call you even though you hear the noise of his friends yelling at him in the background. I miss the feeling that you will close all the chatboxes on your Facebook and you will be left with that one person. I miss the feeling of panicking because your love one will text you when your date is about to expire. I miss the feeling that you are doubting again because you feel like there is an itchy eye hovering around your boylet. I also miss running away to go on a date with my boyfriend (oops, slipped up.)

I miss the thrill, but I don’t want to have a boyfriend again. Yes, it’s fun, it’s always fun at first. That’s true. Oh love, it’s cruel. Nothing, I just said it because my life changed so much when I got married. But I’m also happy because I’ve learned a lot (oh ha, it’s obviously just a joke, being dramatic at the same time being serious).

There are so many handsome men around but I can’t stomach being a woman. Why! I just want me! I’m egocentric! I should be the only one. I love myself!

I have a new belief. I don’t want to believe in love that starts in high school. Many are as happy as the first time, when they break NGANGA.

I haven’t seen anyone living together who started flirting in high school (just in my case, huh) so I don’t want to believe in “young love.” It’s bitter if it’s bitter.

Am I just jealous of those who have a kandali or am I just one of the antisocial ones? Haha. I also do not know. I’m still young. Study first, iha ^_^

They say I’m a hopeless romantic. Well, it’s different now. Please remove the word “romantic”. Haha.

I also don’t understand the people who show off OA PDAs in malls. Are you supposed to hug at the Mall of Asia? Is life that hard and they can’t afford a motel anymore?

Those who love to caress badly on the way.

“I love you, babe.”

“I love you, too.”

“Sht, fck you”


You will hear the last two lines, when fighting. The fun.

It’s a different time now, just think of the look of this couple. It’s great, isn’t it? XD

Besides, 13 years old dramatized in gm..about love, “I miss you, baby” is the peg. Wait! Flirtier than me! Too bad, the man is alive. Whew.

For those who are in love, nothing can stop you. Just put the behavior in place. I know, you will break up too, JUST TRUST. (just kidding)

For young people who are sarcastic, especially those younger than me (I’m 16), good manners in public. It’s just as well to date as to behave properly on the road, isn’t it? Can’t do PDA, right? Sometimes it’s not milk on the lips anymore…sometimes it’s wine. It’s weird, isn’t it? Is the generation I belong to that bad?

If you are a mother for each other, you can handle those trials. God will help you if you are meant for each other. Stop feeling sorry for cute and innocent people like me when you fight. (haha joke, go ahead and start your fight with me, make me a bridge too.)

For the singles out there, that’s okay. I know that I can rock the world without a man beside me. If I’m like that, chances are, you are too.

Long live the SNPs! I don’t want SMP, because my Christmas isn’t cold even though I’m single. Maybe you are too.

SNP – Single This Christmas

Have a good day and God bless.