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The Formula To Pass

“I hope I pass.”

The students are saying it over and over again. Me too, especially when I know that I’m a bit biased from the marks. Someone once told me that you should remove the “hopefully” because then you’re just taking a chance. You should be saying “I will pass!”.

I was happy when he said that because it shows optimism. Optimism…One thing a student should never lose. Oh if you don’t have that, you’re done!

There is also something funny, the people who ask to pass but don’t study or put in the effort. Why is it funny to me?(no offense ha). Because I see a lot of people who are all studying, all effort, teaching here, teaching him, tutoring here, it’s so hard to pass. Why is student life so playful? Then something passes like a miracle. It’s just petiks but it passes, hanep! It’s annoying, isn’t it? Especially when you study and then you don’t even reach the passing mark. Sometimes you want to think and say to yourself “What?! What else is missing?!”

But I tip you first. If you study and still fail. Stop (believing stupid.).

Of course you won’t stop, that’s just an indication that something is still missing. There is something missing from the effort you are giving. Evaluate yourself, am I good at it? Am I weak? What can I do? What are my limits? Once you know those things, make them the guide of your future study plan. Why focus on a subject that you are already good at? Of course you will study more the subject you are weak, right? But that is not an indication that you will forget the other subject. Keep the balance.

When you study, always drink water. One of my classmates said that oxygen flows more in the brain and that’s good when you’re studying (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to explain scientifically

The one I read said it’s easier to memorize if you use blue ink for notes. I also use blue for high-lighting in my lectures (because it’s my favorite color, and it seems effective to me). Others said it should be orange (it’s up to you with your color). But I know this is tried and tested, you should be surrounded by bright and vibrant colors when you study so you don’t feel sleepy (like orange, yellow etc. ). Besides not being sleepy, your brain is more alert.

There are others who cannot study because their attention is divided. I don’t know why some people submit to facebook and twitter while dying to see their score drop. Discipline and control are the opposite of those. You can’t say you can’t live without opening your facebook, can you? Why mom and dad? Facebook is not a trend yet, but they are still very much alive today. Go on Facebook dude, but give time to your studies later. About 30 mins maybe okay? If you can’t, go ahead and spend an hour, but don’t forget that you will study later. Even in text. Your texting partner will understand that you want to study, right? If you’re good at controlling yourself, don’t go online or text unless it’s very important. Study too.

Also, know the time when your brain is in good condition. Because I’m weird, I’ll go to sleep at six or seven at night and then wake up at twelve in the morning. From twelve o’clock, I will go straight to school until I take a shower, eat breakfast, dress in my uniform and go to school.

It is said that our brain is fresh in the early morning. Try my work, guaranteed! You will remember what you study better. That’s right, sleepiness is your enemy because your bed will tempt you well but if you are determined to pass, why would you give in to temptation? right?

Finally prayer. I didn’t say just pray for your exam. Ask God for guidance. It is not bad to ask Him for help. If you deserve to be helped, He will help you. If you are worthy to pass, He will pass you. Sometimes tell Him, “God, I studied. I have the right to pass.”

God will take care of you. He already knows what to do. So my fellow students, DON’T GIVE UP. Giving up is not a solution to any test in life, whether it’s a quiz or an exam.