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I’m In Love With My Best Friend

In love? Best friend?

That resonates in the stories posted on the internet. The bestfriend-turning-to-boyfriend theme is trending.

Well, I don’t know why people with malice haven’t lost an intimate opposite-sex friendship. Nothing bad, right? I guess it’s not bad to have a boy friend for a girl. It’s especially not bad if that friend is his best friend.

Not everyone who becomes best friends has hidden feelings for each other now. Not everyone is the type to hide the truth, it’s theirs. There are people who are just good friends from the beginning. I’m also not saying that a man’s best friend is better than a woman’s. A boy and a girl when they become best friends are both your best friends so you can’t compare them. It’s just that I love my best friends.

Maybe, you will wonder why the title of this article is like that? Nothing. Just a trip, nothing broken. I know that the word “love” can easily attract attention.

Is it fun to be a guy’s best friend? Yes! Based from my experience, it’s a lot of fun.

Here are the “perks” of having a guy best friend:

  1. Even if he doesn’t like to text, he will text because of you. He is always there when you need someone to talk to.
  2. Because he is there, the advice portion is there when you have problems. He’ll try his best to give the best advice. If he can’t give advice, at least you know he listens and doesn’t miss a detail. He thinks about what he says before he speaks and he studies the situation first before reacting so when he speaks, what he says makes sense.
  3. Include the assignment tutor as well. Even if you are far from each other, that is willing to help with your assignments and projects. Ask him how to solve a difficult math problem, he will answer even over the phone. You have Math tutoring sessions via telephone (‘Isn’t it? Cool!). When there is a time when you have a difficult project and you have to stay up, call him, he will also stay up just to talk to you and say something stupid. Sometimes they will suggest how to make things better, but the comments “Why are you being made to do that?” never disappear. or “I wish we were made to do the same.” Include something that he will also criticize your work even if he hasn’t seen it yet, but even so it motivates him. It’s just silly sometimes.
  4. When you need to go anywhere, go! It’s just that he’s not busy at those times. Sometimes if you have time he will take you to places you have never been and show you how beautiful it is. Sweet, and you can imagine that when this guy gets a girlfriend, his future bride will be lucky. He will value you like he values ​​his mother and sister.
  5. This is the man who even if you talk all day long, he will listen and listen. Even though you know that you can hear him a little in his voice and your topic over and over again, he just doesn’t show it. He will also react if necessary. Usually, he is honest and straight to the point.
  6. He is honest and straight to the point no matter what. There is no such thing as talkative. Straight forward. Example: “You’re getting fat. Me-me, I thought you were on a diet?” Sometimes he will say that you are very beautiful, with a silly smile.
  7. When you don’t have a cadet at prom, a best friend is willing. Also expect that when he doesn’t have a date to choose for the prom, you will prepare your dress. When you don’t have anything to buy, tell him to pay for what you wear.
  8. You can talk to him properly about serious matters. You can ask him for his opinion about Pre Marital Sex and he will answer you properly. He will not think badly of you. He will respect your views and he will not hesitate to speak despite your gender difference. He also understands the times when you are hot because of your hormones.
  9. He’ll take you on all your trips, even if it’s in the middle of Macapagal Ave. or lie on the roof of your house. He will ride as long as he knows it’s right and what you do can be called “sanity.”
  10. He is always there to remind us of right and wrong. He is there to remind you of the simple things in life that you forget. He’s there to comfort you when you’re achy breaky hearted, he’s there when you’re sad and need someone to talk to.
  11. Together you face the problems of being grown-up. You work together to develop each other.
  12. Having a best friend who is the opposite sex is like having a “boy version” or “girl version” of you.
  13. You can ask him about his point of view when it comes to love. He will say this, this is how they will feel if this is this, this is what you will do. From him you will know that not all men are cheaters. Because there are only a few of their species that can understand.
  14. You will not be shy to show how weak you are in front of him. You can cry anytime in front of him. He will not laugh at you or call you “weak”. He will just let you go or give you a little advice and eventually you will laugh at his corny jokes. He will also not be afraid to show who he really is in front of you.
  15. It’s the last one, it’s too long. No matter what happens in your friendship, even if you fight and argue, he will appreciate it. He knows how to lower your pride even if yours is as high as the Eiffel tower. He will listen to your side and ask you to listen to his. Then you will get along again. Welcome again. Then the next fight again. Then congratulations again, but even if you fight again and again, the friendship does not diminish. Misunderstandings become signals for him to get to know you better. It’s not a sign for him to find a reason to hate you and stay away from you (like a crazy boyfriend).
    Our friends are different. I hope that your best friend, boy, girl, gay, tomboy, lizard, impact, impact or monster does good to you. Friendship, on the other hand, does not discriminate against appearance, age or gender. It is rooted in acceptance and appreciation of what you have.

Elbert Hubbard said “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.”

More power to your friendship!

Note: I want to dedicate this to my ever loving crazy like me “BHE”st friend. Belated happy birthday.

You got old first, don’t worry, I’ll be next