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The Tears From The Eyes Of The Fat Man

Tabaching-ching, tabatina, whale, butanding, ball, TABA

I hear that every day. Words that just don’t seem to be in my ears. It’s theirs, put it in on the left, take it out on the right.

Just get used to that in our lives. We know that a joke is a joke, but insults and insults are different. Sometimes friends, sometimes family, sometimes just whoever is around the corner. Shameless, I think we are being trampled on by anyone. Is it because of how we look?

Because we are fat?

Poor me, maybe you think I’m being dramatic again, right? Yes, I’m being dramatic. This is where I’m good at. To cry in a corner and hide all the pain and sorrow of your taunts.

I’m not stupid, it’s just different people who almost think of us as having no dignity. I know that the world is only for the beautiful and sexy.

I don’t understand what we fat people have done to other people to hate us so much? Even just ordinary people. Why is it so bad if we are embarrassed by other people? I don’t understand why that is. We just keep quiet in a corner, sometimes we don’t want to go out because every time we go out, it’s a door to feelings that are kept in our chest.

Am I dead enough to be laughed at by the people around me? No matter how hard I try to turn a deaf ear, I still hear. I’m still hurting. No matter how strong my heart is, it still gives.

It’s not all fat, gobble up if you eat. Is it our fault that our metabolism is slow unlike yours? Is it our sin to fatten our bodies? What if you are like me? Do you think our life is easy? Just eat, right? Try to be in the life of one of us when you know.

You think I’m just a slob even though I’m not. Look at me, all I know is roasting and liempo, even if it’s not really. I already know the dos and don’ts from reading articles on the internet to lose weight. I don’t know, we don’t really need anything. Because I can’t make water my breakfast and put myself in danger just to lose weight quickly. I do a lot and my life is also demanding, I am making a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just obvious because my body is still like this. Sorry, I’m not rich enough to get close to a nutritionist or dietician.

How can you slap the word weight loss in our faces? We are not stupid or stupid. We know that, it’s just hard for us to do.

Diet? We want that, but hopefully if it’s easy and we can do it quickly, we’ll do it, right?

We are also concerned about our health. We are not creatures born to indulge in food, unlike what you think.

“Just go on a diet. You’re still blogging.” That’s probably what you whispered to yourself when you read this.

That’s how you are, judgmental. Not even once, you have never seen someone like us cry. The pillow and teddy bear are our best friends when we are full of heartache. I hope we’re just numb, right? Because even if it’s true that we’re being mocked, we’re still hurt. We don’t want anymore. It’s also boring.

Because you look down on people like me. It’s true, isn’t it? Don’t you respect me less because of my appearance? Don’t be in denial anymore. I guess I’m used to people like you.

Tell me, and please explain. What is there to laugh at the way we look? Because of the bubble layers? Because our faces are round? Because we cover two people in the jeep seat? Because it seems like there will be an earthquake when we are walking?

Even though we are the catchers of every mockery and anger in our width, we are also hurt. We have a heart, we are also human. But the others don’t think we’re human anymore.

Just read the blog of someone prettier and sexier than me. All right.

Do I have to change myself and who I am just to gain the respect of others as a person?

Or are there people who have faster eyes and jaws and are more judgmental?

I guess that’s just life. Let’s just support our chests and as far as I know, one of the strongest chests is people like me.

People like me are not only fat in body, but also in heart.