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Reason: I Stopped Using Whattpad

Note: This is just an opinion. You can see the author’s many issues in his life. Please be patient. You still have time to move to another article. ^_^

Peace to Wattpad readers and writers. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am not a seasoned Wattpad reader because the grandmother is artistic. I will only read it when I really like the story (that’s why I don’t have a reader there, haha). Besides, you will also know my other reason why I rarely read there anymore. ^_^

I was inspired to do this when I read the Five Common Mistakes of Wattpad Writers by author TrinieRomualde. I’m miserable on Wattpad and I don’t have readers there (I just share, even though it’s embarrassing). ^_^

I have repeatedly said what I said in my previous articles, so I poured my time into blogging. I discovered that I can do more with blogs containing beautiful content, contents beautiful as me (this is just a joke, you’ll still be against it).

These are the things I noticed on Wattpad, and the first five are related to me so I will repost them here.

So here it is (it’s my skin, isn’t it? hehe), I will first mention the Five mistakes according to author TrinieRomualde…

  1. Using “raw”, “daw”, “rin” and “din” and similar words.

I’ll admit, it’s usually my fault too. Just a reminder, “raw” and “rin” are used when the word before “raw” or “rin” ends with a vowel or Y and W.

Example (ex-slap):

Cows are said to know how to tumble.

You’re not the only one who will be devoured, we are too!

“Supposedly” and “also” are the opposite. This is when the word before “daw” and “din” is a consonant.


The buffalo is said to be sleeping.

Oh gay! Too bad, he’s still handsome.

  1. “didn’t”, “do”, “doesn’t” and the like

I’m too lazy to explain. This falls on proper usage of verbs. Just read TrinieRomualde’s book (emem is wrong, haha).

  1. Wrong Grammar

Well, I think all writers are caught up in this. That’s wrong grammar, huh? If using the English language, proof-read is the norm (don’t worry, I’m also telling myself while writing this.)

If using Filipino (Take note, Filipino. Filipino is our national language, not Tagalog. Tagalog is a dialect used as the basis of Filipino language.) it is customary to check the grammar.

  1. “It’s me” fever

This is a rough introduction. Even I used it too. I agree with what TrinieRomualde said that such introductions used to be that the character had amnesia and seemed to suddenly remember his name…

Also, because it’s already scratched, it’s boring to read for others. If you use this kind of introduction, you can add creative twists to attract the attention of readers. You can think of so many creative ways to start introducing the story to your reader’s imagination. The key is careful thinking. (No wonder, good stories take a long time to make)

  1. Gay Male POV(point of view)

I laughed at this. It’s nice to look at a story with a man speaking or telling a story. Beautiful to look at, hard to do especially if the writer is a woman (admit it!). It gives balance to the story.

In this situation, it is necessary to check carefully whether the words of the male character sound male. Is there a guy saying “Charot!”, “Echos!”, “OMG!” or maybe “Sister! I’m so guy! Why are you making me so gay?”

Shall I explain? Just that. Don’t put femininity in the male character’s speech. That’s it in simple terms.

If it’s difficult to write using a male POV, it’s trendy to use a third person point of view.

Note: The first five are from TrinieRomualde. If the explanation sucks, that’s my fault. Sorry.

  1. Illogical Events

Let’s just say this is where my bad attitude comes in. I know that a writer has a wide imagination and can imagine a lot. Add to that that the writer is the controller of everything that happens in his story. Sometimes, I notice that the events are OA or out of this world, as in. What my mind says in such scenes:

“Nike. How did that happen?”

“What? Is that possible?” or simply

“What? It’s like what’s happening doesn’t belong in the story?”

(Don’t worry, I’m also hitting on myself in this article.)

I will not cite an example. I myself am a good example.

Why am I cute! (Oh, isn’t it? It’s illogical to include it in the article, but it’s there.)

  1. OA to wealth, OA to everything

Thank you! I know that the clash of poor-rich lovers in the stories is as interesting, but…for me, the businessman’s son/daughter whose parents are busy-to-the-max at the same time as heirs is the peg of the character. Then his love team is hard to chase because the peg is busy, because he is rich. They’re like Romeo and Juliet but I’m already shocked (I’m sorry. Just my opinion).

If making a story like this, make sure to reduce the clichés and add a WEIRD twist. If using a cliché, find a creative way to present it. (emem, present your story in a creative way! telling to myself)

  1. Because OA is rich, I can no longer relate to other readers

Please lower your story to a level that we pooritas (hehehe) can relate to.

Remember that not all readers share the life you describe in the story. If you don’t want to reduce the wealth of your characters, you can choose to write it in a way that you can have the readers experience the set up you have in mind. Describe everything vividly like gold plated glasses, spoons and forks. Describe how magnificent the hotel is; describe how enormous and grand the rich people’s ball is. Let your reader’s feel the emotions of your character. Let your reader’s live the world where your character belongs.

Wait how to do this?

You yourself as a writer, you must feel what you are writing. As if crying is the key to your scene, you yourself must know what it feels like to cry. You should also feel the emotions of your staff. They internalize you. Can you be happy while you are sad? Isn’t it? Just like talking in person, you can’t make people happy if you yourself are not happy (or don’t look happy). If you don’t have the right emotions, it’s just good luck.

  1. No Connection

I know that other writers (including me) are losing connection with other parts or chapters of their story. Let’s say one C, Coherence, is missing.

Because in an essay, you have a main idea. The main idea is supported by details. When the details get a little off track, the essay is off. The same thing goes for stories.

Because there are stories that in the last two chapters the girl is demure, when the present chapter comes the peg is immediately landed. I’m like

“Huaaaat? Is this still the character I met? Or is that another story?”

As the writer you have the freedom to change you character’s feelings, personality and point-of-view but do it in a way that is in connection with the theme of the story.

  1. Not Reality Contact

I know that most of the works are fiction but I think contact with reality is still important (contradicting huh?). Why? Contact with reality makes other people relate to your story. When they can relate to your story, the more that they’ll be interested in reading your work.

Admit it! When you see yourself or even just a part of yourself in a story, you’re more excited to read it, right? Or you felt that you would be thrilled and you want to be thrilled when you read the story, right?

Like for other readers.

Even if other people can’t relate to the theme of your story, like my story My Firsts With Him which is about Quiz Bee adventures and high school love, you can insert elements that will appeal to the taste of your readers. In simple words, put in scenes that they are sure to relate to. ‘Isn’t it? ‘Isn’t it?

I’m not a good writer. It’s just great.

In short, THICK FACE. Let’s strive to grow as a writer together. I know I am not alone in this journey. I guess there is a process before becoming a seasoned and respected writer. We who are still “babies” first have to go through the beatings of the elders who have more knowledge and experience. Don’t hang it on the mast! (Like Mommy Joyce’s mast on me)

Thank you very much if you made it this far.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.