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It’s You

Who are you? Why are you here?

You probably don’t know me, don’t know me anymore.

I have a few things to tell you. I hope you don’t worry.

Have you been able to study well?

Does anyone else do that? That’s only for the smart!

For you, all teachers who hate you are demons. You’re the rude one, right from the start.

You also don’t know that studying is not done just to accumulate passing marks, it is one of the ways to shape the knowledge of a person’s mind and personality.

You don’t want to be shaped. You have your own world, you’re not there!

I don’t think you know what learning is; why are you throwing away your future? You feel that computer games, clubbing and other vices will take you to heaven. First one!

Even if there are people who just sit and earn heaps of money (illegally), you should not imitate them. Because there is a bad act and everyone is doing it, will you do it too? Trending? Where are your moral values, right? Isn’t that trendy for you? Not taught at home or at school? Oh yes! You’re always cutting, so you don’t know.

You fool! Normal cutting for you. You didn’t even feel sorry for your parents who struggled to earn money just to send you to school. Money is not collected on the road. That’s not like “Let it snow! Let it snow!” that the sky is waiting to drop. That is difficult. Don’t waste your money on worthless things. You are no longer ashamed of your skin! The next day you throw it away!

Stay up late, sleepy in class. The classroom was turned into a bed room. Who told you to go clubbing last night? Then you’ll kiss someone, because it’s dark. Do you like it?

Yuck! Where is your self respect?

It’s not because technology is alive that you think you’ll depend on the internet forever. Don’t copy+paste. You have eyes, read your assignment. It’s not just the Facebook profile of the one you bumped into earlier. Hi! Silly!

Your attitude is rotten! Yes, you!

Well, is it supposed to imitate the liberation of western countries? You are from the Philippines! Just feeling it?!

Don’t be so social that you think someone can pull out a gadget on the road. What is it for? Display of wealth?

After stealing. you will cry. That’s you.

It’s social! Starbucks on! Drink slowly..Taray ah. ‘You’re rich! ‘Come on!

Walk around inside the mall carrying the frappe.

I don’t know what barako coffee is. All stomach contents are fast food, they don’t get any nutrition because they don’t know how to eat vegetables. They say it’s CHEAP. That’s fine!

Wow, the form of pop stars from different countries is so similar that you can’t tell if the form is human or something.

Imported here, imported everything. Even your speech is imported! Fluent in other languages, shunga in Filipino speech.

Feel the colonial mentality!

I bet you don’t know what that is. I won’t say, you guess.(smooth tone)

You are plastic.

Are you asked “What can you do for your country?”

Is it an answer?

“I will study hard!”


You’re plastic, man. When did you do that?

Aren’t we a race of wise men? Why now it’s CLEAR.

That’s where you are so happy with the smart ones. Because you use them, what are they..answering machines?

I think you are stupid. You have a brain you don’t want to use, you can study.

The brain is full of profanity, is it 24/7 on the porn site?

It feels cool to be rude. Tsk tsk tsk

Copy here, copy there. careless Bira here, bira there. Cheap here, cheap there. Wow! Music to my ears.

It’s your life, you’re old.

That’s up to you. You don’t listen to your parents.

At your age you know what is right and wrong. It’s not that you make the wrong right and you make the right wrong.

You’re plastic again. When scolded, straight face. Abandoned by parents, stabbed with cheapness and rudeness.

Go ahead! You’re old? Are you disrespectful enough to insult an elder?

Don’t feel like you know everything. Nothing, your brain is just a grain compared to the brains of older people.

What do you know about life? Is it just luxury and fun? Do you know what the real world is about?

Is it okay to give dirty fingers to people on the bus that you don’t know? He wanted to be rude, when he was insulted furiously. Challenging a fight!

I hate the Philippines.”

“It’s really ugly here! I don’t want to live here!”

Crazy! You’re just making fun of yourself. You yourself are an important part of the Philippines, so if you don’t understand, don’t expect to understand the Philippines.

If you are not proud to be a Filipino, kill yourself. RUN AWAY!

The Motherland does not need rebellious children like you. He doesn’t need future generations of crocodiles. Motherland doesn’t need a crazy person like you.

You’re going to die. You are adding to the problem. There are already many problems that the government is burdened with, you will add more. Maybe tomorrow there will be a bill called “the teenager bill”. I don’t know what it will be.

Be smart.

You curse your people, even you yourself are cursed!

You just complain about complaints, why? Who are you?

Freedom of Speech? Sows, freedom is for those who can face the responsibility that comes with said freedom.

It’s your freedom to just post expensive food on Facebook and Instagram.

Just tweet where you are in the rich mall and who you caress about.

where are you good at?

Ohhhh that’s mad. Go ahead and be angry, I’ve been staying with you for a while now. Maybe you are saying to yourself “Who are you? You’re stupid. Guess which hero.”

Yes, I’m stupid, it’s okay. I will pay attention to you. You are too much.

Youth, hope of the people. Where? On the foot?

Do not know.

That’s up to you.

My attitude is bad, isn’t it? But it’s worse for you.

I don’t want anymore. Maybe you’ll drag me into the corner. I might get bullied. You might kill me for the shame I give you (if you know how to be shy).

I don’t believe your thinking is superficial. You’re just being superficial.

It’s bad to be patriotic, right? Others will mock you.

You’ll be fashionable among useless people who only know ‘SWAG’.

Alright that’s right.

I will sleep now. I hope you listened. I hope you understand.