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I Failed For Graduating Highschool Students

A little kembot and you will graduate in just a month. High school is coming to an end, one door will close but another more exciting one will open.

That’s college life. Of course intrigue where you enter. Let me share you my story. The story of a very cute girl (charot).

My elders said that I entered a famous and good university so that I could easily find a job.

It’s nice to hear if your school has a University in its name, is part of the UAAP, is famous in various fields and is talked about. The smart, talented or sometimes rich are sure to enter such schools. Admission to these schools was within my reach, they pushed me to be a student, but I refused. For others, I did something very stupid. Even I think that my decision can be considered stupid.

My desire to become a doctor brought me to where I am today. When I was in my fourth year, I was on the waiting list of the country’s second largest medical university(1) in the BS Biology course.

I failed the entrance exam of the school of the rich(2) and got a good UPG at the Universidad that everyone is talking about(3).

Failing university 2 was the most disappointing point of my Fourth Year. The results of the said Entrance Exam came out in January. I feel stupid and stupid. How can I not be annoyed with myself, ever since I dreamed of entering there

Also because of the name of the school. It hurt me that my best friend passed. We promised each other that we would go to the same school when we got to college, but I broke the conversation. Self pity happened to me for a long time, but even though I was sad at the time, I thought it was just school. My life is not over yet.

My high school life continued; made-up projects and assignments, wandering around, bonding with friends and serious studies. (Of course I want to pass.) I also really want to hold my rank in the top 10.

Also in November I took the Entrance Exam at a College famous for nursing. He is a partner of a famous hospital in Manila and I fell in love with that school. If I don’t pass the big universities, I really have a back up plan to go there. I quickly passed the interview and the school was obviously ready to welcome me.

When I found out that I could reconsider at the University in question or at university 3, I didn’t miss the opportunity.

My ENT also told me that I should try to enter a good school for my pre-med course so that I can easily enter a good Medicine School.

It’s annoying to think that you will be competing with thousands of students just for a slot when there are many schools ready to accept you. I’m annoyed by that, but I’m still reconsidering university 3.

The Reconsideration result will be released in May. The hard part is, you’re really gambling. At times like this, there are people who are already entering, there are already enrolled and usually the enrollment is closing, so my mother thought of making a reservation at school I fell’in love with. It’s a good thing their enrollment is up to June! If my Reconsideration turns out to be crazy, I’m sure someone will join me.

The day that the result will be released is getting closer and closer. Texted one of my friends who was reconsidering the same university even before the declared date dropped. He said he was for an interview, I wasn’t there. No text or call.

On the day of the declared date of the results, I lost my appetite. I feel like I’m not really for that school. Self pity again, think First Honorable Mention will not be considered, other students were chosen more than him. But luckily my parents are strong. We went to that University and I saw my name, for an interview in the Chemical Engineering and Computer Science course.

I am very happy. Think about it, it’s the premiere university of the country. I’m not stupid or stupid, you think so. I have a chance at university slot 3.

But when I was in the interview, it was awkward. I can answer, I can speak up for myself, but the desire to enter the course I am interviewed for, I can’t plasticize. That very day I knew I would not pass. Also, when I found out that once you get into engineering at the said university, there is no way out, no escape. You are not allowed to shift courses and you must finish the engineering you started. I passed on ComSci because there was no interview. There it is! I can reach! I will be a scholar of the town if I continue. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

But I thought, am I willing to gamble and waste a year just for the name of the school?

Am I willing to struggle with something I don’t like?

When I’m asked what school I’m in, I get a lot of “disappointed” looks. I do not know why. Maybe because of people’s expectation that I will go to a big university. When you come from a good High School and your records are good, it seems that a good university goes hand in hand with your name. Did I really waste the opportunity? Am I really stupid? Or do I not know how to strategize?

I do not know. As long as I know, I’m happy. I have no regrets about the course I am taking and the school I am attending.

Our resource speaker said in a seminar “Don’t study in an institution because of its name.

I like it there. What is the point of studying if what you are studying is not in your heart? A lot of people do that. They say just shift as long as you get into the university you want…Well, we each have our own journey. That’s not my only trip.

That’s why I went to my school today, is because of the course I want. I thought, what the old people say is true. When you love what you do, no matter how hard you can handle it.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get into the big 4 universities of the Philippines or any famous name. It’s not because you’re from a different school that you’re a “loser”. We each have our own trip. No cracks. Just be smart and study. Other people don’t care about you anymore. After all, not all the good ones are in the big 4, they are scattered all over the Philippines. And by chance, you are one of those scattered.

Good luck and may God bless you!

There are things that even if we want, they are not for us.

Just like me, just like you, I dream of going here and there, but my dreams took me to another place.

I am happy because I know, things happening to my life are according to God’s plan.

God will provide so don’t worry.

God bless!

You can do it!

I hope I left something good for you.