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The Naughty Boy

How is my mother?

Maybe, you will think that I am a very bad child.

If anything, I can’t blame you if that’s how you know me.

Maybe I was a very bad boy. Don’t find out why… I’ll tell you too.

What the hell happened to me?

The first blame always goes to my parents. It really shouldn’t be. I’m the one at fault. I’m the crazy one. I guess I’m the one with the difference.

My life is good and happy. My luxury is next, my room is even air conditioned. I go to the mall every day, I rarely go in. Only when I tripped.

I don’t know anything other than friends and fun. I don’t care where the money my brothers give me comes from. They are good at that, giving me money, but with attention and care, nothing more.

I still have milk on my lips, but my mouth is already full of alcohol.

I don’t have a care in the world. As long as I’m happy, I’m there.

I went in and out of bars despite my young age. I’m not even ashamed anymore because at my young age, I’m already flirting. Because they look at me differently, they say my mother is a whore, so it’s not far off for me to be a whore too.

That’s how people saw me. I’m a fool, I stand by it.

I’m a bad son, I know that. Don’t worry about it any more.

I hate my own mother. Because she is not like other mothers. I don’t like what they call him. I wished then that I had a different mother. ‘That mother is famous, rich and has a name. I want a powerful mother.

I just stare at mothers like them. I imitated the clothes and behavior of his children. I try to imitate his children, but I can’t. I didn’t notice that I was slowly betraying my own mother.

We have many siblings. Many have developed, but they have never returned to our beloved mother.

Others return me, but the tenderness is gone.

Sometimes, I wonder if they are really my brothers? Why are my brothers pulling down? We can grow as brothers and sisters at the same time, can’t we? Others are greedy for wealth, and my other brothers and sisters are still poor.

Why am I like this? He said that maybe my generation is really different so I can let go of my attitude.

The work of my other brothers will be judgmental towards me. What happened to me? I want the tenderness of my brothers, but do they still have time for me? I heard that they are too busy with work, and their only thought is money. Because they went to a different land. They are working in different places. I don’t think anyone else wants to come back to our home.

And me? Am I a naughty youngest? I know my mistake. Why am I still looking at others when I already have a family? My mother loves me, but what did I do? For several years, I have been recognized as a different mother, but I have never been recognized.

I looked for other places, but Mother was only in my home. He greeted me with a hug one night when I came home. Her tears were falling. He must be tired of hearing my brothers fighting and messing around. He must be so tired of taking care of his children that he eventually loses his loyalty to him.

My mother is sad. She blames herself, is she a bad mother?

I have no answer. Nope. She is not a bad mother. If she was a bad mother, she wouldn’t have kicked me out of her home a long time ago, wouldn’t she? He would have abandoned my siblings and left us starving on the streets.

But he didn’t do that. He still loved us no matter what bad things we did in his name. We insulted him. Cursed by his condition…

My bad son.

I always ask myself, who has the problem? Me or my family?

My mother raised me well. my mother loves me

I love him too. I do not know. Maybe I’m just jealous of rich kids so I lost my way a bit.

I don’t want to go back to that job. I’m tired of pretending to be someone else’s child.

I will love my mother.

He told me the other day that he only expected me.

He said that he has no luck with my other brothers.

I just headed.

Mother is right, I have no one else to rely on but myself.

I don’t have to go along with the nonsense and nonsense of my other brothers.

From now on I will change, even though I’m still young.

‘Mom, I’m sorry. I promise I will change.

do you know me

I am the youngest son of the Philippines.