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Turning 18, Height Like 13 Years Old

Do you look a little short in height? The title of this blog post is the same as my status recently. My countdown to legal age is starting. If you’re looking for a serious discussion, you still have time to move on to another article. The timer will start.

Does it hurt inside to be small? It’s a bit but, huhuhu, I’m about to turn eighteen, a little more height please. puppy eyes

I can’t believe today, I only have one month left of my minor. Just one month, I can go to jail. Just one month, I’m no longer a mom. I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m a young woman (but I look like a child, haha!).

I don’t know how I should feel, but that only means one thing, I’m legal now (why, was I illegal before?). Hey!

The day I turn eighteen, I have only one wish, to increase my height, but if it’s not really possible, that’s fine. I have accepted (somewhat) that my height will be like this forever.

It turns out that I have been living on this planet for eighteen years (why, did I live on another planet? Okay, korni.). How old is my height 4’8? No one can add that? Yes, come on, I’m small.

Maybe it’s just luck to be blessed with “killer and model like features”. Because I’m small and fat, still dark. Oh right? Combo. I cried so many times when people made fun of my physical appearance. Because I’m human too, I have a heart and I’m hurt. But as time passed (just MMK?), I learned the phrase “So what?”

So what if I’m fat? So what if I’m small? So what if I’m not white? So what if that’s the case, I’m like this?

Sometimes, the reason why we are not happy with ourselves is because we are looking for something that we don’t really have. Me, I learned that I’m not skinny, but my shape is killer (you can only see it when I turn my back, haha!). I’m not white, but I’m cute (weh, self-praise). I’m not like them, but there are things I can do effortlessly.

I still remember the conversation my classmates and I had in high school:

Me: I have nothing left. Everything ugly happened to me: I was small, fat and dark.

Classmate: They are jealous of your brain.

I was speechless then.

Yes indeed. I still want to look different, but many people want my skills and talent. Pretty or smart? It’s just smart. Hehe.

Besides, “Life is not meant to be fair” you were my teacher. So what you have and what is given to you, accept, keep and appreciate. I think that’s where happiness begins. The word “happiness” begins with a little self-satisfaction.

Although I was not gifted with a large percentage of physical beauty, I did have a beauty that is “deep and hard to dig.”

This kind of beauty must be seen by yourself first, before other people can see and appreciate it. What is the depth? This is where the saying “Beauty is skin deep” comes into play.

It’s small if it’s small, but I’m happy, but at least a little more height please. Hehe.

Thanks for reading and God bless!