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Experience Of The Young Writer

How would you feel if your author had that many reads? How does it feel when the publisher himself knocks on your door to publish your story? And how does it feel to have thousands of readers? What’s delicious?

But, there is nothing better than fulfilling your dreams. I don’t think there’s anything better when you’re a full-fledged writer. Join me for a flashback about the story I wrote.

Wattpad was the first vehicle to show my works to the world. Since your grandmother is still a beginner, explore first. I tried to adopt the style of writing of the people there.






I saw him at the corridor. Oh my gosh! I feel giddy! hits the wall

But I didn’t last. I know from the beginning what the proper way of writing is. Besides, that kind of class is not effective for me because no one reads my “jeje” stories. I thought, Wattpad is not my spotlight. I temporarily left my profile there until I stumbled upon Definitely Filipino Blog.

I also studied the posts here. One thing I noticed, all the posts on this site, make sense. Even if it’s just a simple sharing of experience, you can learn something. So I thought, why don’t I try? That’s right, I tried. One article after another, whatever I write. Until I exceeded 100 articles. Isn’t it cool?

It is a blessing to be considered among the Definitely Filipino Bloggers Int’l. In this family, I have met people who have the same passion for writing. They are dedicated to what they do. They are contagious when it comes to dedication.

In more than 100 articles, including “My Firsts with Him”, my first novel. I didn’t expect OFWs to be happy and like this on Mga Balitang Pinas Facebook page. Many of them were thankful because somehow, they felt like they were in high school and thrilled again. As for me, I am also grateful because they gave me time to read my work. Of course, I am also very grateful to my mother in the writing world, Mommy Joyce who shared the story on the page.

Since I finished one, I even did “Casanova Newbie” and “Perfectly Imperfect”. Insert different articles. Am I going to write? I don’t know but I still want to reach something.

The qualifying exam for our School Newspaper has arrived. Of course, your grandmother joined. Because there is your word “try”. I passed. End of story. Just a joke.

Don’t wait, I still have a long life. That’s right, second year of college, even though I was struggling, I learned the difference between Feature writing and News writing. Goosebumps here, there and everywhere when I saw my article in our school paper. It feels good to stare at my name. That’s when I really said, “I’m a writer!”

For a year, I stopped writing fiction. I’m in better shape now. The peg is just pickled, the longer it lasts, the tastier it gets (Hehe). Versatile and resilient, they are. I know it’s not a big deal because no fans will celebrate their idol’s achievement. Also, I don’t have any fans. Readers that are awesome, there are!

The many opportunities that came to me while I was part of the school’s Publication staff. First, I went to a writing workshop where Bebang Siy and Eros Atalia were there. There are more seminars coming up in the summer. Woohoo!

Why did I share? Nothing. Tonight I thought that I don’t need to be mainstream like Denny (author of Diary ng Panget) and Alyloony (author of Operation: Break the Casanova’s Heart) to be happy in writing. If you want, don’t write it. Writing is a broad field. If you are rejected here, don’t try something new. Besides, the joy of writing is not enjoyed by being famous.

If you are a true writer, a finished work is an achievement to be reckoned with. The recognition and rewards, that’s just a bonus. That’s my view. I don’t know about you.

Besides, just have courage in things. If I didn’t dare to take the qualifying exam, maybe my other abilities would continue to sleep.

Last breath: PASSION. Don’t get tired of something you are passionate about no matter how hard it is.